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Ken Messenger for every one at home and at works

At Wilcom2, our single focus is creating software products to help you to organize enterprise communications..
   - Is a free Instant Messaging Client
 - Works with public KM Server
 - Compatible with private KM Server
 - Own your private IM Network
 - for Control & Security
   - Send Milions of email .
 - Maximum rate Multithread send.
 - Edit Nice HTML and personalized email
 - Manage you data with domains
 - Send strait to the recipient SMTP servers
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   - Save profile.
 - Quick multithread transfert.
 - One-click zip file to transfert.
 - Program actions.
 - Off-line tree folder server sight;
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What is the Wilcom2 Family Product?

As a worldwide manufacturer of state-of-the-art, person-to-person communication tools designed for the Internet and traditional applications, we offer a variety of solutions to fit your needs.

Ken Messenger is the Instant Messenger of the Wilcom2 Family. A public service let everyone using the client of Ken Messenger for Free! Enterprise, for Control ans security, can use they own en Messenger Network with Ken Messenger Server.

KenFTP the FTP client is Free!

Ken Mail Server is a marketing tools. It let manage and send personnalized bulk mail directly to reciepient Mail Servers.

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